Site Updates:

Just worked a little on the Audible Noize section. Still need to get some pics up, as well as seeing if I can post some soundcloud stuff in there of one of our mixes. Funny thing is, we've already attempted to record two seperate live mixes. The first one, Flash didn't like cause the levels were off due to adjusting for live sound, rather than a recording. The second one, was during a party where a drunk Jason Jay got up on the microphone, talking in German and just being a drunk, so that recording was ruined. We have another set together this weekend though at the Kandy Fest Thank You party though, and hopefully one more attempt at this will prove successful.

Can't wait to get the main background picture up in place of that rainbow thing! And to go along with that... my logo should be finished within a week or so!!!

Hoping to get to the photo section of the site soon. I probably won't have a chance to get to it till Monday when Shawn comes out for Monday Night Bowling.

Other than that, there are little tiny fixes here and there, but nothing major. I'm loving the feeling of my own site though. It's a groovy feeling. I can't wait till it starts filling up with everything that a site is supposed to have. :-)