DJ Anthera brings the unique sound of progressive and tech trance to your ears, your mind, and your feet. He never fails to deliver the packing punch and intelligent sounds of the most technical, hardest tech trance beats in the industry, and encompasses the sound of an uplifting face of trance as well, to appeal to all lovers of trance, from dark to light.

Welcome to!!!

Hello there folks, just wanted to say hello to all and thank you for visiting my site.

(Note: I'm no web designer... so not every fuction is available yet, but it's always a work in progress, and there is still more to come!)

Here you should find all things Anthera, including my produced tracks & remixes, promo mixes, photos, videos, updates, gigs, weekly iTunes podcasts, booking information, as well as links to my partners, friends, affiliates, supporters, record labels, etc.

Take a peek around!!

Vote for your favorite "Anthem of the Week" from this week's "Anthera's Worldwide Anthems"! (Episode #098)

Anthera's First EVER beatport release!!

Hey everyone!!

This is big news!! A very huge moment for Anthera this week, as his first release ever comes out on! Elvin Ong has produced a track called "Motion" and has allowed a few others to get in on the fun, in order to make it a fantastically fun EP. Anthera's remix was one that made the EP. Check out all the remixes from the player below, and please support Anthera by picking up the track for under $2, as well as any other remixes that you like. :-) Thanks for the love and support!

Audio Impact Entertainment

Check out my good friends at Audio Impact. Click the picture for more info.

Click here to visit their Facebook page!

"Out of this World" promo video

TECH chicken!!!!

Site Updates:

Just worked a little on the Audible Noize section. Still need to get some pics up, as well as seeing if I can post some soundcloud stuff in there of one of our mixes. Funny thing is, we've already attempted to record two seperate live mixes. The first one, Flash didn't like cause the levels were off due to adjusting for live sound, rather than a recording. The second one, was during a party where a drunk Jason Jay got up on the microphone, talking in German and just being a drunk, so that recording was ruined.

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